What is DREM

Decentralized Real Estate Marketplace
DREM is a marketplace for real estate investment.
On the DREM platform, you can buy and sell fractional shares of properties. The asset and your fractional share of it is represented by an immutable NFT record on the blockchain. The rental income that the asset generates is distributed to all shareholders daily. Capital appreciation is distributed to all shareholders when the asset is sold.
All shares of the property are traded on the DREM marketplace, with marketplace rules designed to promote liquidity: you can exit any position for stable currency anytime, any day. No longer is real estate illiquid: every property is freely traded on the platform, and its price is determined in the course of market trading on DREM.

You are an investor

Diversify your stock and crypto investment portfolio and invest into real estate. Real estate has lower volatility than the stock market, and with DREM you no longer have to be tied to large single assets that have to be carried long-term to see gains.
Distribute your investment across multiple real estate projects, while retaining the same liquidity of your positions as with your other traditional investments.

You are a landlord, and you want more

Whether you own one apartment, a city block, or an office park, you can improve the liquidity of your balance sheet by listing your properties on DREM, which can be purchased in fractions by others.
For example, you may sell 49% of your property for cash while still retaining control over your asset.

You are a property manager

On DREM, you can raise funds from the public to purchase real assets, and put them to work. You don't need to borrow $$$ from the bank and carry the assets on your own balance sheet. You can simply generate income from properties owned by multiple DREM investors.
Focus on your strength as a property manager and your expertise in a local rental real estate market, and scale up your management portfolio with us.
Last modified 2yr ago